With support of our water quality assurance foundation, we provide communities that are deprived of water, access to potable water. We identify these deprived communities and speak to leaders or heads of the community to guide or assist us with facilities like land or structures to accommodate our water treatment solutions.We drill boreholes in these communities or look out for rivers, lakes or dams as water treatment sources. We fulfill our commitment to provide clean and safe water out of these water treatment sources provided by the communities. These community projects provide employment for youth, alleviate the hardships of inhabitants and eradicate water borne diseases to ensure quality human development.The treated water from these communities are served in two main ways which are:

» A service line is laid across the community to allow applicants to tap unto the service line with prepaid meters, therefore, raising funds for the maintenance of these facilities and also paying the employed youths of these communities.

» The treated water can also be served at the point of treatment into buckets, jaricans and any kind of container ensuring that everybody living in that community have access to treated water in a cost effective manner or way.

» Jobs: Because we aim at providing quality drinking water to all Ghanaians, we recruit people as artisans in water treatment to support us meet the high technical demand of all our valued customers. It does not require much educational background. All that it requires is the passion and loyalty to undergo the field training.