We have packaging machines for different consumable liquid products.


The KOYO liquid sachet packaging machine is widely used for packaging various liquids such as milk, soybean milk, fruit juice, beverage, ice drink, soy sauce, alcohol, vinegar and wine, etc. Our sachet filling machine makes use of a single layer of PE film as packaging materials. The pouch filling machine automatically sterilized by ultraviolet radiation, it is able to precisely fill, seal and cut at one time. It is easy to operate and run smoothly with good performance and low failure rate.

The sachet packaging machine can produce up to 2000 sachets of 500ml (pure water) per every hour.

We have trained technicians who understand the machine and can train your staff how to operate it effectively without leakages.

We provide installation, maintenance and repair works on this machines.


We have different capacities of these machines.

They come in manual, semi-automatic and fully automated systems.

Available are systems that produce bottle sizes of 200ml to 20litres.

We also can give flexible payment terms to our clients.