Under the slogan “education through personal experience” organization provides a comprehensive curriculum for vintages 5-8 [in the K-12 system, the two last grade of primary school and the first two high school]. And these courses are available free of charge. *** Concluding statement Gregg W. Downey, Partner publishers from across the Atlantic, eSchoolNews, we can say that a revolutionary change in education already knocking on the door to the school. Downey tries to describe and explain the processes with which we have and will inevitably have to deal with in contemporary education. One definition specifies the convergence (lat. Convergere, collect, conformed) as processes that include the mating phenomena located on the boundary sections of telecommunications, computing, and multimedia (Wikipedia). These processes and can also occur in education.

With the English “convergent” translates as “convergent” or meeting in one point. On the basis of education can therefore try to explain the term convergent education as a learning process using different methods, forms, tools and sources of wealth which we experience through technological advancement. Everything converges at one point – in the person of learning. The student, the student, are the focus of the XXI century education. (Source: eSchoolNews) In connection with the ongoing debate with us on the education system should reach for the results of last year’s research center for the company Harris Interactive Scholastic Education and the Foundation Gates’ów – “Primary Sources: America’s Teachers on America’s Schools.” It shows what US teachers think about school and what they have ideas for change in the school system. (more…)

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