We provide borehole installations for every situation with unique environment requirements; Tovila Water Solutions have over 15years experience in drilling and rehabilitation of boreholes in Ghana and in Nigeria.

At Tovila Water Solutions, you get the complete borehole installation service, which includes aspects of the borehole Construction and Layout, Water Testing Services Kit(Testing Kits) and Lab Sampling, and for technical support, you have the option of 24/7 Call Center and Professional Visit(PV).

This service is provided to Corporate and Individuals for both Commercial and Residential use


Borehole Development

The process of needing a borehole comes from usually the high demand of water supply be it for commercial or residential usage and often we get request from customers who requirements are not been melt due to insufficient water supply and require an increased in the quantity of their water supplies.

This is more common with commercial customers as their needs changes to suit the business operations and production requirement.

With their request we carry out an assessment on the property and it soil to determine the suitability for development a well that would increase the water quantity and/or quality of their water supply.

However, occasionally we have CEOs who just care a little more to ensure the water they are feeding their family and co-workers meet Regulatory Health Checks.

TWS have experience in meeting clients with various environmental demands at the same time compliance with regulation by providing a clean, safe and functioning borehole system.

Our process usually kick off with an initial consultation to discuss your requirements, a site visit to determine the environment requirements, follow by  the Hydro Geologically Investigation(HGI) for the possibilities and availability of water and a detailed hydrogeological report.

Following a positive hydrogeological test report, Architecture design along with full schedule of the works and quotation are develop to the client specification and the undertaking date will be issue.


Our Process always follows this format

Our Approach

Using our specialist knowledge and equipment, we can carry out our investigations and testing, enabling us determine the customer water demand, soil quality and borehole positioning.

  • The objective of site investigation is to gather information to determine the properties of the soil or rock formation and interpret how it will affect any proposed development design.
  • Samples of the soil are collected from varied depths using several different types of site investigation tools and machinery
  • The sampling of water and gases present in the ground are also collected
  • The site investigation are great at providing the client with a cost savings on project by enabling us to foresee and forewarned of any problems that may occur.
  • The information gathered will establish the potential geological, geotechnical and environmental risks involved in the development and its risk assessment report
  • Tovila Water Solutions have a specialists and experienced team who can advise on the most suitable method for each individual project base on the investigation report.

After the drilling borehole, it is very important to carry out a pump test to monitor and record the flow of water from the borehole. This also determines the pumping requirements along with the quantity and quality of the water been supply.


The Pump test is carry out to gather the following information:

  • Flow Rate per second
  • Recovery Rate second
  • Water Quality been supply
  • Pump Size Require

This enables us to select the correct size pump to maximize the efficiency of the borehole and to gather water samples to check the quality of the water produced. The water samples are than tested by either the Ghana Standard Authority or SGS and sometimes by private laboratory research Institute that are accredited to establish the quality of the water.


From the results, we can specify a water treatment solution to comply with the Ghana Standards or WHO guidelines of potable water to ensure water pumped is safe for use.

Using a submersible pump, this test is normally carry out for a total of eight hours for boreholes abstracting up to 20m cubed. However depending on the performance this may be increased to a longer duration period and for boreholes exceeding 20m cubed, the test is determined and carried out in accordance with Environment Agency guidelines.

  1. Step Test – During this test, the pump flow rate is increase in steps at regular intervals. This test is particularly useful for us to determine the effectiveness of the borehole.
  2. Constant Rate Test – following the Step test is the CRT test, during the CRT test the borehole is pump at a constant rate over a period ranging from eight to 48 hours, the discharge are also kept constant for the duration of the test. The water levels of the borehole is recorded and the assessment result will determine the sustainable yield of the borehole and its performance and potential.

Recovery Test – The recovery of the water level is measure whilst the borehole is pumping immediately after the Constant Rate Test and when the pump was switch off. This recovery test is very useful in assessing the effects of pumping and the possibility of dewatering of aquifers that may result due to the limited extent of an aquifer. The recovery test will also tell us at what level is the aquifer is dewater by measuring the residual drawdown after the borehole was allow to recover. It gives an indication of the longevity of borehole water supply

We consider automation of boreholes that cannot run for more than half a day as part of our responsibility here in Tovila water solutions, because the pump can run dry and breakdown. After undertaking the necessary pump flow test, we include automation in our installation as a protective measure for the job when necessary.

Working to Industry Guidelines and Regulations

At TWS we ensure that the borehole been drilled are safe and reliable with minimum disturbance and disruption to your soil and environment.

We mobilize our drilling rig to the site and set up in a suitable pre-agreed location, we drill a hole and install a temporary casing into the rock-head to support the loose soil and broken ground above. This allows us to start drilling to the full borehole depth required wile abiding to the Regulatory standards

The depth of the borehole varies according to conditions and request but the standard depth is 100meters notwithstanding we can drill up to 200meters with various diameter sizes.


  • Safe and clean drinking water that supports you healthy lifestyle
  • High water quality and pressure
  • Uninterrupted, all year water supply
  • Healthy workforce, increase business productivity
  • Short maintenance cycle
  • Lower TCO(Total Cause of Ownership)
  • Add value to your property/business


The need for Borehole rehabilitation be it domestic or commercial is usually due to the depreciating quality or quantity water supply, then rehabilitation works is to restore your well and increase its performance and life expectancy

Borehole rehabilitation involves restoring and reclaiming a borehole, which is either no longer in use or has a poor flow rate or performance back to its original condition and in some cases improving its performance and its original output.

Rehabilitating of a borehole is often a very cost effective alternative to re-drilling a new borehole at a different location with similar benefit:

  • Increase water flow or insufficient water
  • Improve water quality and safety
  • Eliminate any Groundwater pollution
  • Clean the Iron build up in pipes and pumps
  • Increase depth in the water table level to in improve the water quantity
  • Prevent Borehole collapsing due to shift in the soil and environment

Rehabilitation of a Borehole Category:

  • Scrubbing – Deep cleaning of any encrusted deposits from the liner and walls
  • Chemical Cleaning – a chemical solvents cleaning to dissolve any build-up of materials from the well and soil
  • Pressure Jet Cleaning – a high power pressure jet is use to remove or dislodge any obstructions blocking the well, and chemically clean the wall
  • Drilling deeper – this option is needed when the water quantity is reduce due to low water table

Please contact us for all rehabilitation inquires at no cost. Tovila Water Solutions’ experienced team will assess and identify what could be the cause of the problem and offer the most economical solution to bring your borehole back to its optimum condition.

Water demand is an increasingly vital and precious commodity, which we can easily take for granted until we encounter a problem. Disruption to supply can cause serious problems to homes and businesses that are reliant on a constant supply to operate.

Some of the common problems we encounter

  • Faulty pressure switches
  • Non return valve blockages
  • Control issues
  • Pump failure
  • Riser failure
  • Borehole collapse
  • Blockages

The Solution…

Using our specialist knowledge and equipment we can carry out our investigations and testing, enabling us to identify the root cause of the problem and offer the most cost effective solution to get your supply back up and running again.

Tovila Water Solutions understand that you need a constant and reliable water supply for your home or business. We have helped many of customers to overcome their water supply problems and can help you too. Please contact us for advice.